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Some Ideas For Consideration On Rapid Strategies For Horoscope

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Dating Dry Spell? Zodiac Sign Impact On Love & Sex Life

Maybe you're just not interested in dating at the moment. Maybe no one's struck your fancy recently. Maybe the thread count of your sheets is too low. More insidiously, some of us may feel inclined to flat-out blame ourselves, and specifically our flirting game, for our quiet sex life. First of all, going through a sexual or romantic dry spell is totally normal and not something you should beat yourself up over. Second of all, any awkwardness or lack of game on your part might be out of your control, and hiding in plain sight in your birth chart . If you haven't looked up your birth chart online or had it read by an astrologer, you might not know that it reveals more than just your sun sign (the sign you read your horoscope for). Namely, your birth chart shows you your planetary signs, or the locations of each planet on the Wheel of the Zodiac the moment you were born. Each planetary sign is believed to define a specific component of your personality, rather than your general likes and dislikes. For our purposes today, your Venus and Mars signs are particularly illuminating, since they can tell you more about how you flirt and what you find attractive in others , respectively. If your Venus sign is something predisposed for romance, like Taurus, or social charm, like Libra or Gemini, your might be naturally alluring — and thus have your flirting practice down to a science.

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An Analysis Of No-nonsense Products In [astrology]

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If you’re going to pen a book on astrology, maybe you should at least make sure the graphic on the front features the zodiac in the correct order.