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Kendall Jenner shows off a bizarre Chanel ankle purse

MailOnline iPad app The Kardashian and Jenner sisters have become fashion icons by leading a wave of new trends after adorning the styles themselves. Most recently, Kendall Jenner showed off a Chanel ankle purse to her followers on Instagram with the caption, 'it only fits joy.' The small black bag appeared to be the size of a coin purse and would only be able to fit a credit card or house key. But if the 22-year-old model was trying to start another trend, people on the internet were not interested. Many compared the small purse to the likes of an ankle bracelet after it was worn on Kendall's ankle on the 4th of July. Lounging: Kendall Jenner - pictured at Khloe Kardashian's 4th of July party - posted a picture of herself wearing a small purse on her ankle on her Instagram Story Worth the buy? But the 22-year-old model's most recent look of strapping a small bag to her ankle had some people questioning the choice  Throwback: The Chanel bag was first unveiled on the runway in 2007 before selling out  Kendall spent the festive holiday at Khole Kardashian's house for a pool party where she was spotted snuggling up to rumored boyfriend Ben Simmons.  While it remains unclear if Kendall wore the small purse at the party the entire day, she did have it on for a brief period of time when she posted it on her Instagram story.  The reality star might have an interest for smaller accessories after she helped the small sunglasses trend take off in the last year by wearing a selection of designer shades. But she has taken that trend to the epitome after she wore a black Chanel bag from 2007 around her ankle.  This bag first hit the runway in 2007 and reportedly sold out because of the excitement over the small accessory.  The Chanel bag was rumored to be inspired by Lindsay Lohan's alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet in 2007.  Despite the bag selling out, other designers did not follow in the trend of the accessory adorning the ankle and it eventually faded out until Kendall Jenner brought the look back for her 4th of July festivities. The Real Real recently re-sold the bag for $645, according to Seventeen Magazine , and it once again sold out with people taking a liking to the non-traditional accessory.

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